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Pills - Ecommerce Salespage
This is a sales page with a theme around health supplements. You can use this to increase scarcity and sell e-commerce related products.
Salespage - Ecommerce Book Offer
This salespage allows you to generate leads by selling physical books. You can use this to give books away for free inviting users to pay for shipping. Perfect for authors and experts.
SEO Academy - Opt-in
This is a page local consultants can use to generate business leads that have an interest in finding out how they can rank higher in local search. Customize this as you'd like for whatever niche you want.
SEO Academy - Salespage
This is a salespage targeted at generating sales after someone has opt-ed in for your offer. Use this as the second step in your SEO Academy sales funnel.
SEO Academy - Upgrade Page
This is a upgrade page that you can direct people to after
making the FE purchase. This is the third step in the sales funnel.
Industry Rockstar - Webinar Registration
This is a Webinar Registration page you can use to generate leads and to enrol people in your online events. It's created with a theme relating to promoting you as the 'expert' in your industry
Industry Rockstar - Webinar Replay 
Page & Checkout
The second step once people have decided to buy or not buy on your webinar is to direct those who missed the webinar to a webinar replay page. Use this page as the second step to the Industry Rockstar Registration
Online Marketing Insider - Opt-in
This is the first step in the online marketing insider sales
funnel. Use this to promote your free online marketing related giveaway.
Online Marketing Insider - Salespage
This is the second step and includes a Salespage to help you to promote the product you're selling after someone Opts-in. This unique theme is pre-built ready for online marketing & Software related offers.
Online Marketing Insider - Thank you Page
This is the third step in the process. Once someone has made a purchase you can make additional offers to them. You can also provide your user with instructions for accessing their product.
GymBeast - Opt-in Page
This fitness focussed Opt-in page helps you to generate leads that relate to the fitness or supplements industry. Use this as the first step within your sales funnel.
GymBeast - Salespage
This is an eCommerce related upgrade after someone has 'Opt-ed' in for your guide.

You can use this page as the second step in your funnel sequence taking people to a ecommerce related offer.
GymBeast - Upgrade Page
This is the third step in the Sales Funnel process. Your customers can upgrade if they want to for additional ecommerce related items.
Online Fitness - Webinar Registration Page
This is a fitness related Opt-in offer. You can capture leads with this page directing them to your webinar. You can customize it as you want for any fitness or health related offers.
Online Fitness - Webinar Replay & Offer Page
Use this after the webinar to direct people to your replay and the offering that was introduced on the webinar.
This is the second step in the sales process.
Easy Abs Fitness System - Opt-in
Use this to generate leads for your fitness related offer.
You can give away products in exchange for someone joining your subscriber list with this page.
Easy Abs Fitness System - Salespage
This is a salespage theme for selling fitness related products. Customize this for your fitness offers. This can be used as the first or second step within your sales funnel.
Easy Abs Fitness System - Upgrade Page
This is a fitness related Upgrade page. You can use this page to encourage users to upgrade after getting access to your front end offer. This is the third step in the process.
Dating System - Opt-in
You can use this page to generate leads giving away a dating related offering. This can be the first step within your funnel.
Dating System - Salespage
This is the second step in the process. It allows people to
see a dating related offer that you can customize and add to this page.
Dating System - Upgrade Page
This is the upgrade offer page that can be used for
fitness related offers. It's created for you to easily customize and use as the second or third step in your sales funnel.
Dating Academy - Registration Page
This is a dating related theme that could also be customize for other purposes such as relationships  niche or self help. Customize this page however you want to suit your webinar offering.
Dating Academy - Replay Page
This is the salespage you can use to promote the product with a replay and lay out your offer. You can customize this to suit whatever you're selling. This is the second step of the sales funnel.
Dating Dynamics - Opt-in Page
This Opt-in page allows you to customize it and generate leads in the dating or relationship niche.
Dating Dynamics - Salespage
You can fully customize this salespage. It's currently step
two within this funnels. It's ready to be used to sell your
Dating Dynamics - Upgrade Page
This upgrade page will allow you to sell more upgrade or
add-on products. It's step 2 or 3 within the funnels process.
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