NEW: August Template Club Update
This month it was our goal to create
some super slick high converting sales
NEW Update: Cookie Policy Acceptance
(New GDPR Features)
GDPR went live last month and since that day we’ve received a number of requests for some additional features
NEW: June Template Club Update
Last month’s focus on e-commerce templates was such a success that we decided to release a whole new range of e-commerce website designs for the month of June!
June Updates
Since we rolled out the New Editor, we’ve had a lot of support and feedback about it from many iGloo users. So we would like to extend a big thank you for being with us and ensuring we are going in the right direction.
GDPR Policy
We've been working hard to ensure that iGloo complies with these new regulations and that all leads generated through iGloo's software comply with these new regulations.
NEW: May Template Club Update
This month is all about ecommerce - we’ve been getting so many requests for more ecommerce templates that we decided to focus this month’s batch entirely on ecommerce website designs.
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