How To Create Amazing Looking Videos That Are
'Agency Quality' (+5 Create Video Templates)
 [ Special 90 Minute Workshop With The CEO Of A  Video Agency ]
Join Us: 9pm EST,
Wednesday, 12 June
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Join Sam Bakker & the CEO of the
Video Agency
behind many of Sam's most
successful marketing campaigns.

Over the last 2 years  we've launched a number of programs online that used video to sell the training or software:

Create App, JVZoo Academy, iGloo App & Member App. And for every project we
got help from a Video Agency named: 'Nova'.

Tonight we will be joined by the CEO of Nova.

His videos have helped to generate millions in sales... and he's created a wide
range of 'Viral' videos that have received millions of videos over Social Media
for his clients.

You can see a preview of some of these videos here.
In this webinar He's going to share:
  • The most profitable videos his Agency sells right now. (I can almost guarantee it's not what you think)

  • What strategy he uses to get the MOST clients.

  • Why short videos are CRUSHING long videos right now and the formula he uses to create 'traffic getting' videos for clients.

Special Gift For Attending:
For the webinar we've also prepared 5 video templates you'll get for attending.

These templates will help you to immediately apply the strategy shared on the webinar in your business with Create App.
Webinar Starting In...
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