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Ready For Your Close-up?
This sleek design is perfect for the sale of digital cameras and camera equipment. The black and white colour scheme gives this page a clean, modern feel.
Ready For Your Close-up? Product Page
A product page must be easy to navigate, and the “Ready For Your Close-up? Product Page” is just that! The black navigation bar stands out against the white background, and the bright orange “Buy Now” button draws viewers’ eyes directly to it. 
Hit The Ground Running
With this theme, you really can hit the ground running! The striking design and use of bold colours commands viewers’ attention, and the simple white navigation bar ensures visitors know where to click.
Hit The Ground Running Product Page
The product page to accompany the “Hit The Ground Running” homepage is appropriately simple. The clean white background helps your products stand out, and the blue “Buy Now” button and red price-tag stands out to potential buyers.
Modern Furniture
This theme is perfect for the sale of chic, modern furniture. The clean design and transparent navigation bar give this homepage a very professional look.
Modern Furniture Product Page
The “Modern Furniture Product Page” maintains consistency with its accompanying homepage by keeping the overall design simple and clean. The plain white background and black text helps your product stand out. 
Summer Trends
If you’re searching for the perfect design to sell seasonal clothing, look no further! The “Summer Trends” homepage theme blends simplicity with style, giving you the ability to spotlight your favourite product as a background image.  
Summer Trends Product Page
The simple white background of the Summer Trends Product Page helps highlight your product while remaining classy and elegant.
Pastel Dreams
The delicate, muted tones which comprise the colour scheme of the “Pastel Dreams” theme compliments the sale of formal women’s clothing. Framed with a plain white navigation bar, this homepage is both stylish and simple.
Pastel Dreams Product Page
The “Pastel Dreams Product Page” maintains consistency with the accompanying homepage, offering a simple yet stylish layout and colour scheme which helps your product stand out.
Pretty In Pink
The pale pink background provides a feminine aesthetic perfect for the sale of formal women’s clothing. This theme is clean and contemporary, with a transparent navigation bar, simple background image and sans-serif typography.
Pretty In Pink Product Page
The “Pretty In Pink Product Page” is the perfect accompaniment to the “Pretty In Pink” homepage. The dark navigation bar effectively contrasts against the white background, serving as a frame for your product.
Watch Out!
If you’re looking for a template ideal for the sale of electronics, then Watch Out! This is the theme for you! The bold blue navigation bar ensures your visitors know where to go, and the white background framed with pale blue ensures your products stand out.
Watch Out! Product Page
Watch Out!’s accompanying product page keeps consistency with its homepage: the blue navigation bar with yellow and white typography stands out for ease of navigation, and the simple white background spotlights your product.
Electronics Exclusive
The clean design of this ecommerce homepage ensures your product catches the eye of prospective buyers. The green navigation bar located below the logo yields easy navigation, and the muted white and grey background humbly compliments the exhibition of any electronic item.
Electronics Exclusive Product Page
Like its accompanying homepage, the “Electronics Exclusive Product Page” utilises a pale green navigation bar, a simple white and grey background, and a blue “Buy Now” button which boldly stands out. The muted colour palate gives your electronic items the spotlight.
Smartphone Showroom
This theme is ideal for the sale of smartphones. The bold red navigation bar and patterned white and grey background give your smartphones and smartphone-related products the space to shine!
Smartphone Showroom Product Page
A product page should show-off your available products in the best light and easily allow prospective customers to purchase the desired item. The muted white and grey patterned background of the “Smartphone Showroom Product Page” allows your product to stand out, while the dark and highly legible typography gives customers everything they need to know before purchasing! 
Kick Into Gear
The bold use of neon green and dark grey lends an element of energy to the “Kick Into Gear” theme which is appropriate for the sale of active footwear. The white
sans-serif typography perfectly complements the contemporary feel of this vibrant design.
Kick Into Gear Product Page
The dark background and white typography gives this product page a sleek, modern feel. The overall layout is easy to navigate through and the products remain front and centre. 
Style Central
The delicate patterned background gives “Style Central” a timeless feminine aesthetic ideal for the sale of women’s clothing. On exhibition are you new arrivals, the perfect way to draw visitors’ eyes to your most in-demand products.  
Style Central Product Page
This clean design sets the tone for your advertised products; clean, delicate and feminine. The clean white background places the spotlight on your sale items, and the use of grey for the text and “Add To Cart” button contributes to the delicate, overall feminine feel.
As Time Goes By
This sleek, timeless design boldly uses a black background and dark grey navigation bar to capture viewers’ attention. The white serif font lends a classy, luxurious element, and the overall layout is easy to navigate through. This is the perfect homepage for the sale of designer watches.
As Time Goes By Product Page
The product page accompanying the “As Time Goes By” homepage template continues the sleek, modern aesthetic. The background and navigation bar are a dark grey shade, and the white and cream serif font classily stands out.  
Tastefully Trendy
This scrumptious homepage looks almost good enough to eat! Perfect for fast food businesses, this theme offers easy navigation for hungry customers via the white navigation bar which frames the tasteful background image.    
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