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Mountain Bike Explorer
The partially transparent mountainous background highlights the picturesque aspect involved in cycling. This is the perfect template for an outdoor-themed sales page.
Mountain Bike Explorer Product Page
The clean white background and easy-to-follow layout of this theme aids in highlighting your product and making it standout to viewers.
Modern Times
The sharply contrasted blue and white background compliments the modern aspect of this theme. This is the perfect homepage for the sale of modern ecommerce products.
Modern Times Product Page
The simple layout and unobtrusive white background makes it easy for viewers to navigate through this product page. This product page is ideal for the sale of modern or digital items.
Simple Chic
If a trendy and simplistic homepage is what you’re looking for, this Simple Chic design offers just that with its muted colours and stylish but simple layout. This is the ideal homepage for the sale of simple, stylish items such as modern furniture.
Simple Chic Product Page
This product page is simple to navigate through and is very easy on the eyes for the curious viewer. It is perfect for the sale of chic, modern items.
Wine Not?
The delicate and sophisticated layout of the “Wine Not?” template is as delightful as the product advertised. The background image is framed by a simple white navigation bar and an easy-to-navigate product section.
Wine Not? Product Page
This theme makes use of a clean, crisp white background and grey typography to highlight the delicate nature of wine.
Coffee Break
The pastel orange, grey and white colour scheme lends an element of sophistication to this stylish homepage. The navigation bar overlays the display image which gives it a modern aspect.
Coffee Break Product Page
This theme blends warm and cool tones of orange and grey to create an effective and eye-catching product page. The elements are laid out in a way that’s easy for viewers to navigate through.
Open Road Adventurer
This theme is perfect for the sale of outdoor wear, with its simple but bold aesthetic. The black headline contrasted against the simple, open-ended image gives this template an adventurous feel.
Contemporary Blue
This bold, contemporary layout uses an electric blue patterned background to make its headline-product stand out. This is a great template for the sale of electronic or digital products.
Geometric Accents
The trendy use of overlayed geometric shapes on this homepage highlights the contemporary nature of modern fashion. This is the perfect template for an online clothing boutique or retail shop.
Geometric Accents Product Page
This Product Page is ideal for selling clothing, with its sheer geometric overlays lending a contemporary feel to the page.
Trendy Outlook
Old is in, and this trendy sales homepage marries the old with the new by using a chic black and white colour scheme. This template is perfect for the sale of fashionable spectacles.
Trendy Outlook Product Page
In line with its homepage, the Trendy Outlook Product Page makes use of a contemporary black-and-white colour scheme. Its blue buy now button stands right out, making it easy for viewers to know how to purchase your product.
Fruitful Encounter
This vibrant homepage makes it easy for your customers to navigate through the site. With interactive buttons and a simple layout, this page mimics the style of an old-fashioned fruit stall.
Simple Professional
With an interactive side-swipe feature, you can advertise all of your best products at the top of the page. The blue background helps your other products stand out.
Technology Showroom
A crisp white background and bold black text draws the viewer’s eyes straight to your product. This is the ideal template for the sale of electronic or digital products.
Technology Showroom Product Page
Like the homepage, the Technology Showroom Product Page uses a clean white background to make its listed products stand out. The deep blue header and footer frames the page, giving it an elegant look perfect for the sale of electronic items.
Vibrant Simplicity
The orange colour scheme lends an element of vibrancy to this simple and contemporary homepage. We recommend using this template for the sale of contemporary niche clothing.
Best Seller
The tasteful wooden background helps draw the viewer’s eyes directly to your headline product and lends an element of elegance suitable for the sale of hardcopy books.
Seasonal Fashion
The muted warm tones in this theme help your headline stand out and emphasise the seasonal nature of fashion. This is ideal for the sale of seasonal high-street clothing.
Seasonal Fashion Product page
This product page creates contrast between the crisp white background and black navigation bar, making it easy to navigate through and helping your product stand out.
Timeless Classic
The muted grey and white background of this Timeless Classic template help your product stand out. We recommend this template for the sale of smart technology.
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