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membership sites... (Member App)
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Wednesday, 12 June
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If you missed out on purchasing Member App during launch but you wanted to then you will have one final opportunity to get the 'Founders' price offered during launch.

If you already have Member App you'll see the new updates we have coming up and on this webinar I'll be sharing 3 major things to help you with your membership websites:
What We Will Cover On This Webinar:
  • How to create 'membership content' even if you have no knowledge or experience training ANYONE about ANYTHING (This is really cool)

  • You'll receive a clear step by step plan for creating engaging 'Membership' videos with 'Create App'.

    (This includes the structure of
    the videos, what types of videos work best & a couple of really quick ways of creating video content)

  • I'll show you what we're doing inside of Member App to make it easy to list content and sell it.

  • (I'll also show you the new design UI we've been working on and you'll be able to see a full roadmap of the newest features we're working on)
You won't want to miss out on this webinar if you plan on creating memberships yourself or you want to consult to clients.
Everyone who attends this webinar will be give 3 'Video Intro' templates compatible with the 'Create' Software

You'll be able to download and use these templates and use them within your
membership lessons.
Webinar Starting In...
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