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Help Businesses Sell More Product,
Make More Money Consulting
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Monday, 14 October
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Welcome! I hope you enjoying the AdSightPro software.

Because you purchased AdSightPro you're now a subscriber on my list. I wanted to introduce to you what I can help you with and give you an opportunity to ask me any questions you'd like.

I thought about what might be the best way to do this and I came to the conclusion that a introductory webinar with Q&A would be a good start.

On this webinar I'm going to share with you 3 things that I know how to do really well and can help you with.

1. Conversions:

Over the years I've become very
good at converting visitors into customers.
I will share my #1 strategy for increasing sales
conversions and the amount your customers
page when they purchase your product.

2. Help businesses:

I started my business as a consultant and after
selling my own products I now make a lot of
money helping businesses launch new
products or softare onto the internet.

I'm going to show you how you can
launch your own products onto the
internet & get paid for helping
businesses do the same.

3. Make more consulting:

A lot of people hold themselves back from
generating the amounts of money they
deserve as a consultant. I'm going to share
with you how you can charge more for
your consulting and how you can get clients
coming to you practically begging to work
with you. This is extremely effective.

Finally on this call I'm going to reveal the
suite of tools that I use to run my business
including my in-house Sales Funnel system
that we developed that makes life super

We'll also run a full Q&A so you can ask me
anything on this call.

I am super excited you'll be joining me for this
and I can't wait to share my strategies for making
money on the internet with you.

Sam Bakker
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